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The Writer's ABC Checklist

Poorly presented proposals and manuscripts are
the hallmarks of amateur writers.

But when a writer knows the key to impressing
editors, agents and publishers, doors open and
being published becomes a reality.

The Writer's ABC Checklist is written with all
writers in mind, to help them present works that
end up in the shortlist, not the shredder.

Suitable for writers of both fiction and non-
fiction aiming to be published in magazines,
radio, television, e-books or mainstream
publishing, The Writer's ABC Checklist is an
indispensable reference.

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"This is probably one of the best writers' books I've come across."
Sue Kendrick - editor of Writelink

"...with freelance writing not only are you competing with other amateur and hobbyist writers,
but you're also competing with the professionals. The ABC Checklist is like having a
professional writer who knows all the answers, right by your side."
Simon Whaley - bestselling author

"New writers will find the advice helpful even before they get to making a submission."
Richard Bell - Writing Magazine

"The ABC Checklist is a very good general reference book for new (and not-so-new) writers."
Nick Daws - editor, freelancer and author

"I wish I'd had it alongside me a quarter of a century ago, when I first set out. It may have
reduced the number of rejection slips I received. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a
tentative wannabe, there is something to be learned from this book. If you don't have it, get it."
David Robinson - novelist and freelance writer

Trace your Roots

An informative guide from Crooked Cat Publishing
This book is invaluable to all budding

Written by family history researcher, Maureen
Vincent-Northam, it is chock-full of great tips
on tracing your forebears, from ways to gather
background evidence to understanding and
deciphering old documents and records.

With the information on less well-known
sources, advice on creating your own family
archive and all of the most useful websites and
addresses, your family tree will flourish!

Fully revised version of a previously published book.
"This bright and breezy beginner's guide will provide anyone starting out on their research with the ideal
preparation. Very accessible and full of sensible advice."
Society of Genealogists

"Maureen Vincent-Northam knows her subject. A good value and very friendly beginner's guide."
Your Family Tree Magazine

"Written by family history researcher and PFH contributor, this book is full of advice on the most
effective ways to begin researching your family's history."
Practical Family History Magazine

"Ms Vincent-Northam writes in a style that is at once easy to read and entertaining."
Amazon reviewer

Black Dog's Treasure
In a cave on Beacon Island, Jessie's dog digs up
a hidden message from the mysterious 'Captain'
that hints at buried treasure. Who is the Captain,
why are Jessie and her friends being followed
by an old galleon, and will they solve the
strange riddles that lead them to the booty?
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